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Our Projects

Scholarship Project

In January 2016, scholarships, text books in science and science related subjects plus cash were given to pupils who took part in the first science essay, debates and project competitions for ten selected secondary schools in Kono District.  Best science essay writer and best debater were each given laptop computer. The ten selected schools were each given a desktop computer loaded with educational materials and science text books. The Second science competition was organised in November2016 among the same ten selected schools and computers, essential teaching and learning materials and cash prizes were again awarded to pupils and schools.


School Science Club Project

We challenged all the schools involved to organise science clubs and science gardens but only Koidu Girls Secondary school formed a science club and a school garden. The school science laboratory was upgraded and pupils from other schools use the lab to conduct practical work.


Science Consciousness Project

Because of the motivation given by the foundation through these activities, the number of pupils now offering science has increased. Principals from other schools saw their counterparts from other schools wining prizes and they were motivated to start science in their schools.



  • Mobilize resources(financial and material) to empower the Foundation’s initiatives
  • Identify secondary school students with the potentials in the sciences
  • Provide scholarships/financial assistance
  • Implementation of science clubs in Kono and  nationwide
  • After School Science Save Heavens
  • Promote science consciousness.
  • Conduct internal and external science talents contests, quizzes, awards and prizes
  • Collaborate and network with INGOs, NGOs, CBOs and Public Sectors
  • Establish and implement a Science Alumina Association.



Help a growing scientist in need:

  • Morally
  • Intellectually
  • Mentally and Physically

The Philosophy:

The perpetual proliferation of young, talented and successful scientists is paramount in enhancing the holistic development of nations