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The Family Development Union (FADU) is an award winning organization in the Cole Farm Community. The Organization came into existence on the 3rd January, 2011 through the vision of Mrs. Hawa Gbamanja.


We are a community based organization that seeks to achieve, Spiritual, Physical and Economic Empowerment for families within our community.


To encourage every individual or families to gain self-reliance through Education, Health and other Enhancement programs organized by the Organization. Our existence in the community has been to help families that continue to face economic and social distress in our society. The youth in particular are negatively affected in their large numbers with serious social conditions and that undermine their human potentials. Scholarships are given every year and also special awards are given to deserving students.

The youths are our main focus in our organization with intent to know them and understand their plights  in life. Our youths are targeted with a view to seeing them making a difference in their environment.  Let us be honest, sometimes it feels like adults only focus on youth in the community when there is a crisis or something has gone wrong.  Contrary to this, FADU debunks this notion and officially lunched the Youth Program on 23rd April, 2016.  This was created from a focus on the ASSET or good things that youth have to offer.

Women were not left behind, Loans were given and the Organization lunched Savings and Loanes Scheme. Power lies in the community and when neglected their effect comes back to the larger society. Any assistance given to this organization will be well appreciated as we strive to have a better Sierra Leone.